Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Material Co., Ltd.--- Product Catalog

Magnesia Carbon BrickTaphole BrickLadle Magnesia Carbon BrickMagnesia Alumina Carbon Brick, Alumina Magnesia Carbon BrickLow Carbon Brick and Carbon-free BrickLadle Nozzle Well BlockLadle Permeable BrickLadle Permeable Well Block
Tundish Well BlockBottom Frame &Skid Platform Brick for Heating FurnaceChrome Corundum Abrasion Resistance Prefabricated Part for Heating FurnaceAnchor Brick for Heating FurnaceGenerality High Alumina Brick &Clay BrickClay, High Alumina Insulating BricksMullite Insulating FirebrickHigh Alumina EPS insulating Firebrick
Semi-graphitic Carbon BlockFurnace Drying Tamp MassFurnace Bottom Tapping Hole FillersElectric Furnace Gunning MixIntermediate Frequency Induction Furnace Lining MaterialMedium Frequency Induction Furnace Drying Tamp MassCoil GroutLadle Castables
Ladle Backing Layer CastablesLadle Gunning MixSteel Flow InitiatorFiller for Well BlockSlide Gate Fire ClayTundish CoatingDry Vibration MixTundish Castable
DeoxidizerSilicon CarbideCovering AgentSlagDesulfurizerRefining SlagRefractory Castables for Working Lining of Heating FurnacePlastic Refractory for Heating Furnace
Light-weight Insulating Castables for Heating FurnaceLow Temperature Paste for Joint of Blast FurnaceCarbon Cement (paste)Special Refractory MortarHigh-temperature Bonding AgentPhosphate Refractory MortarClay, Aluminum Refractory MortarLadle Nozzle
Zirconium Sizing NozzleAluminum Carbon Long Nozzle (Ladle Shroud)Submerged Entry NozzleElectric Furnace Prefabricated PartSlide Gate PlateSlide Gate MechanismTundish Slag DamTundish Impact Plate
Monoblock StopperRefractory Fiber FeltRefractory Fiber BoardCompound deoxidizerChecker BrickCalcium Silicate BoardCalcium Silicate PipeCeramic Fiber Paper
Ceramic Fiber LineAcid Proof BrickSilica BrickWhite CementAl2O3-SiC-C Brick for Hot Metal Ladle and Torpedo CarAssembled Bricks for Blast TuyereHigh Strength Ramming Mix for TroughLow Creep Andalusite Brick
Low Creep High Alumina BrickLow Creep Mullite BrickMonolithic Refractories for Iron Trough of Blast FurnaceRefractory Balls Used for HBS RegeneratorRefractory Fiber Assembled BlockBrown Alumina BrickSillimanite Brick, High Alumina Brick, Fireclay BrickChromite Sand
DolomiteOlivine SandBauxiteKaolin ClaySilica SandLow Cement Castable